360° ADR-Midweek Talk


International Mediation Institute - a crucial organisation for the future of mediation worldwide

There is no uniform definition of mediation applicable worldwide. However, is there a uniform standard mediators adhere to? What is an international mediator and what standards does such a mediator have to fulfil? What is the role of the International Mediation Institute – “IMI” in developing and shaping the future of international mediation? When and how can you qualify as an IMI certified mediator and what are a user’s advantages for choosing such a mediator?

Ivana Ninčić Österle (Executive Director of IMI – International Mediation Institute) and Amelie Huber-Starlinger (Mediator accredited in Austria, England (CEDR) and Singapore (SIMI)) will discuss and shed some light on above questions.

Join us for a hands-on discussion on 29 June 2022, 9 am (CET).

Places are limited.