Following the call for more transparency in the appointment process of institutional arbitration, VIAC has decided to publish the names of arbitrators acting in current proceedings: In the list below you will find the names of all arbitrators acting in VIAC cases where the file has already been transferred to the arbitral tribunal and which were still pending on 1 January 2017 or were filed after this date. We will update the list regularly.

The “Case-ID” is a number independent from the actual case number. Arbitrators bearing the same IDs are members of the same arbitral tribunal. "Country" means the country of residence of the arbitrator. The column “mode of appointment” provides information on the appointment method, i.e. if the arbitrator has been appointed by the VIAC-Board or nominated by the parties (and confirmed by the Secretary General/Board). Under “Transfer of File“ you will find the date when the case file was handed over to the respective arbitrator. “Arbitrator status“ signifies whether an arbitrator is still active in the case or was active until the termination of the proceedings (“active”) or whether his/her office was prematurely terminated without stating the reasons (be it personal, successful challenge, revocation, voluntary resignation, death etc) and he/she was thus “replaced”.