VIAC is proud to be a supporting organization for Arbitration Idol 2.0.

#ArbitrationIdol is an initiative to help those in need and raises money for UNICEF. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can donate whatever they can afford (minimum donation EUR 1). The donors will in return have the chance to win a one-on-one digital coffee break with a leader from the field of international arbitration. With a small donation (minimum donation EUR 1) as of now until July 27, 2021 at everyone has the chance to meet one of the distinguished arbitration practitioners for a digital coffee break in arbitration.

More information and regular updates can be found at Arbitration Idol, or by following the three founders of Arbitration Idol: Svenja Wachtel Digital Coffee Break in Arbitration, Chris Campbell Tales of the Tribunal, Amanda Lee Careers in Arbitration).