ArbitralWomen is an international network of women in dispute resolution, and a non-governmental organisation bringing together women practitioners active in this field. The group that origins in 1993 today is a thousand strong with members from all continents and more than 40 countries. It focusses on promoting women in dispute resolution through events, social gatherings, mentoring, and sponsoring to assist women law students to participate in moot courts.



For its newsletter no 18 Ema Vidak Gojković interviewed VIAC’s (then) Deputy Secretary General, Dr. Alice Fremuth-Wolf. Please click here for the full interview.


Women Pioneers in Dispute Resolution - 2nd Edition

The 2nd edition of „Women Pioneers in Dispute Resolution” can be downloaded here.


The preface written by Catherine Kessedjian describes its content perfectly:

"The book you have in your hands is the result of the tireless determination of the two founders of Arbitral Women, Louise Barrington and Mirèze Philippe, to promote active women in the field of dispute resolution; irrespective of their age, the country in which they practice, their specialty and more generally the angle from which they approach this activity.

This book is a tribute to those who were pioneers, but also those who more recently have embarked on the difficult path of highly competitive and coveted arbitration activities.

The choice to let each participant speak for herself highlights personal characteristics outside the law, which is a welcome element in a world that pays so much attention to what is now known as “soft skills”. Finally, this book demonstrates once again the power of images, so fundamental in our world. I encourage readers to look at this unique book through images only (a bit like a “flip book”), so that a beautiful story is told that words alone cannot tell."

We are very proud that our Secretary General, Alice Fremuth-Wolf, was invited to contribute to this publication.