We are excited to share our latest brochure with you. The brochure was developed jointly with the LGT Bank and taps into a new field of arbitration: private clients. It aims at offering practical guidance for families and family businesses to utilize mediation and arbitration to resolve issues. You can download the brochure here.


Special thanks is due to the working group on private clients which was initiated by Dr. Michael Nueber: Prof. Astrid-Deixler-Hübner, Dr. Alice Fremuth-Wolf, Dr. Werner Jahnel, Dr.Elisabeth Kahler, Prof. Susanne Kalss, Mag. Stephan Karall, Prof. Christian Koller, Dr. Michael Nueber, Mag. Martin Platte, Prof. Martin Schauer, Dr. Nikolaus Vavrovsky, Mag. Elke Willi und Prof. Brigitta Zöchling-Jud (in alphabetical order). We would also like to thank the GesRZ magazine for their gracious cooperation.