Thank you to everyone who joined us for the launch of VIAC and ARBalance’s new ‘ADR Wellbeing Toolbox’ on #loveyourlawyerday! 

Following introductions from Niamh Leinwather, Kabir Duggal and Amanda Lee, our fabulous keynote speaker, Antoinette Moriarty, shared some top tips to help everyone who is keen to enjoy a happier, healthier career in ADR:


1. Unlock the Power of Interconnectivity: By recognizing the links between different aspects of our professional lives and better understanding how we relate to others, the roles we play, and our support systems, we can better understand ourselves

2. Set Boundaries, Achieve Excellence: High-impact professionals recognize the value of setting strong boundaries! Firm boundaries not only help us to better care for ourselves, but they also fuel our ability to provide top-notch services to our clients.

3. Fuel Your Fundamental Needs: Safety, satisfaction, and connection are not just luxuries; they're fundamental needs at work. Prioritize these elements to supercharge your professional journey.

4. Know Your Window of Tolerance: Discover your "window of tolerance" - that sweet spot where you function and thrive. Understanding this optimal state is key to excelling in everyday life.

5.  Escape the Drama Triangle: Stephen Karpman's Drama Triangle exposes destructive patterns of interaction when conflicts arise. Beware the perils of playing Prosecutor, Rescuer, or Victim, particularly in a professional context. Avoid dysfunctional behaviour and let go of personal agendas to achieve genuine reconciliation and resolution!

6. The Winning Move: "The only way to win is not to play" (Eric Berne). Uncover hidden patterns and dynamics in human interactions to better navigate the psychological games that so many of us play in our professional lives. By better understanding such dynamics, you can elevate your communication skills and professional relationships to achieve lasting success.


Did you miss our launch event?

Why not check out the recording for more insights and an engaging Q&A, featuring contributions from Ema Potocnik, available now:



Ready to live your best professional life? Dive into the ADR Wellbeing Toolbox - where insights meet impact!

Join us in December for top tips to help you juggle the stress of the holiday season and your ADR career – stay tuned for our save the date announcement, coming soon!